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David Ainsworth


David moved from Mississippi in 2017 to pursue work, and as he soon figured out, metal. Drawing influences of the metal titans such as Randy Blythe, Dez Farara, and Mikael Akerfeldt, while also idolizing front-men such as, Dio and Bruce Dickinson.

Being the son of a musician, David has spent most of his life on stage or around music.  Joining his first band at 18 and his first metal band at 20.  Over the next decade he honed his craft in the backwoods of Mississippi before moving to Santa Barbara for work, thus closer to the mecca that all musicians journey to on pilgrimage, Hollywood.

From humble beginnings to the epicenter of music, his journey has been long and fraught with peril, missed opportunities, and failed projects.  Almost giving up on his dream, the door opened to this new endeavor of Our Dying World.

“I don’t really live on compliments. As a matter of fact, they have a way of distracting me. I know a whole lot of musicians, artists out there who hears the compliments and thinks “wow, I must have been really great” and so they get fat and satisfied and they get lost and forget about their actual talent and start living in another world.” – Jimi Hendrix

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