Thrash Metal Band in Los Angeles California

Our Dying World was conceived in 2018 by renowned metal musician Tom Tierney.

After a series of major life challenges, the story of Tierney’s evolution has become the first chapter of Our Dying World.

The first EP entitled Exhibition is the story of loss, drawn through time, to finding an inner peace and an acceptance of life’s immense struggles.

The concept of ODW’s first record can be summed up simply: ‘Find the strength inside you to carry on’ -Even when it feels like there’s nothing left to give.

Our Dying World is evolving fast. There’s a lot of work for us to do, but if it was easy that would defeat the purpose of the record and concept itself.

Our record, our message, and our journey is for you. We do this in the hope that our fans embrace our music as much as we embrace any one of you that are struggling to pierce through the challenges and speedbumps of this mortal coil.

So stay tuned. Exclusives, singles, and behind the scenes videos are on their way. We invite you to find us on social media and walk this path with us. Together we will prevail.

Much love,


Our Dying World


Thrash Metal


Our Dying World was born from the ashes of a dark period in guitarist Tom Tierney’s life. Having passed through many bands with little to no success, he decided to take matters into his own hands. The first EP, Expedition, is the mind at work in creation of all parts; drums, bass, guitars, and vocals.

Tom figured that if he could get past what other bands had failed to do, the music would speak for itself…and spoken it has. Experience the debut EP from ODW, Expedition on your favorite streaming service.


Meet Our Brotherhood


Our Dying World David Ainsworth

David Ainsworth


David moved from Mississippi in 2017 to pursue work, and as he soon figured out, metal. Drawing influences of the metal titans such as Randy Blythe and Nergal, David’s energy and passion is clearly channeled through his voice, leading the charge of the band.

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Thrash Metal Los Angeles Band


Our Dying World Chris Buzea

Chris Buzea

Lead Guitarist

Chris and Tom had met through some friends and jammed together on a few occasions. He has been shredding all over the Mexico and Southern California area for years, and upon reconnecting, it became clear that Chris was the man for the job. His skills and speed on the guitar are rivaled by almost none and he’s a force to be reckoned with on stage and off.

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Thrash Metal Los Angeles Band


Our Dying World Ruben Figueroa

Ruben Figueroa

Lead Guitarist

Tom and Ruben met in a past project called Anubis. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control, Tom and Ruben were let go. They kept in touch and after the formation of Our Dying World, Tom knew Ruben was the right choice for the job.

Continuing their musical and personal friendship from a place of ashes, they rekindled the fire that metal so passionately burns, and continued where they left off in Our Dying World.

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Thrash Metal Los Angeles Band


Tom Tierney Our Dying World

Tom Tierney


Tom moved to LA in pursuit of music and was a part of a few projects before deciding to make his own way in the musical world. Playing drums most notably as Tom “Tomahawk” Tierney for thrash metal band Whiplash, the taste of the musical life left Tom hungry for greener fields, inspiring the work that went into Expedition.

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Thrash Metal Los Angeles Band


Nick Loxx


Nick and Tom had been together in a power metal band in 2016 and decided after years of similar experiences, that it was time to go to the next level. Nick brings a thunder and foundation to the mix that is truly unrivaled.

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