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Tom Tierney grew up in New Jersey where he started beating on pots and pans in his parents house. His parents decided to get him a set of bongos and at thirteen he began playing guitar. Throughout high school he displayed a talent for music in high school performances and choral recitals, and found his love for the drums again at 17.

Playing in local bands in NJ, Tom quickly found his home in the heavy metal scene and pushed his talents forward with bands like As I lay Dying, Dragonforce, and In Flames. Moving out to California for music in 2015, he found the need to start a project due to the lack of direction in most bands.

He moved into starting Our Dying World after his most successful project let him go for a drummer that would bring in more press. Since then the band has started from a concept to releasing some highly anticipated music and aiming to make a huge mark in the industry.


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